February Storm results

Another Storm hit the Iceland Kingdom, which Means another round of battles for the aquamarine has come to an end. There is a lot to rebuild, more teal to collect and more enemies to fight in the next round, but let’s have a look at the main facts of the round we are leaving behind, starting, of course, with did one special Alliance leader did will hold the title of Stormlord for the next month:

Mikeshot2 [UK1]

Troy Maas [USA 1]

Nitromo [INT 1]

Blackbird [INT 2]

UltimateKnight [NED 1]

manzoor9 [IND 1]

chuckster [OUT 1]

op gabbe [SKN 1]

Thanks to this title, players will have the power to assign positive or negative bonuses to 8 players that will carry this effect for the next month! All of you know very well that the Empire Lord leader is just a common warrior without a strong and loyal alliance supporting him. The achievements of a leader are the achievements of each member of the alliance, that’s why we are now celebrating the members of the best alliance of the load round of the Storm Islands here:

Preatorians [UK 1]

the ninja pack [USA 1]

.Wolf Pack. [INT 1]


-Mystery- [NED 1]

Do Or Die [IND 1]


The Attackers [SKN 1]

Top 5 Alliances/Players:

Other valuable alliances had an impressive score on this round of the Storm Islands, this assured them a place in the best 5 Alliances of this round:


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