April 2015 Storm Results

Yet Another Storm (April 2015) hit the Island Kingdom, which means another round of battles for the aquamarine has come to an end. There is a lot to rebuild, more aquamarine to collect and more enemies to fight in the next round. Let’s have a look at the main facts of the round we are leaving behind, starting of course, with one special Alliance leader that will hold the title of Stormlord this month:
United Kingdom: Sikreb

USA: cowboy13

International 1: Wizorage

International 2: pie master19

Netherlands: FighterSnoepie

India: rohit1989noble

Australia: chuckster

Scandinavia: Piiska

With this title, players will have the power to assign positive or negative bonuses to 8 players who will carry this effect for the next month!

All of you know very well that the Empire Lord leader is just a common warrior without a strong and loyal alliance supporting him. The achievements of a leader are the achievements of each member of the alliance, that’s why we also want to congratulate the best alliance of this months Storm Islands in our servers:

United Kingdom : Odins Fury

USA: The Un~Forgiven

International 1: Sparta Dragons

International 2: Ghost Riders

Netherlands: immortals



Scandinavia: Alliansi
Top 5 Alliances/Players:

Other valuable alliances had an impressive score on this round of the Storm Islands, this assured them a place in the best 5 Alliances of this round:

TOP 5 Cargo Points Collectors:

Let’s now have a look to the global results of the Storm Islands.




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